Saturday, June 12, 2010

To Touch the Ties.........

Sudden sharp in-take of breath
Pang so bitter-sweet
Remembering the trembling earth
The heart that skips a beat
Quenching every urge to turn
And re-trace every mile
But there is none that can return
To yesterday’s fair smile

Hold your loved ones while you may
Tomorrow holds no promise
Do not wait lest in dismay
We see them slipping from us
Love with everything you’ve got
Clasp your dear ones near you
How sad to love them in your thought
But never let them hear you

Tell them, tell them while you can
Our dearest earthly treasure
Is simply love for fellow-man
Given without measure
Tomorrow is a vast abyss
With yesterday behind us
Today is all the time there is
To touch the ties that bind us

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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