Friday, June 11, 2010

Come, Rest Awhile

“Come, rest awhile with Me,” He said
Wearily I shook my head
There isn’t any time for rest
Or the reprieve that You suggest
There’s more work than what can be done
Before I view the setting sun
And someday I will rest with You
When there’s not so much work to do…..

“My yoke is easy, I am near”
He softly pleaded in my ear
“My pastures green, the waters still
If You can trust My perfect will”
But blindly , deafly still I clung
To all the duties to be done
“There isn’t any time” I said
As bitterly I shook my head

“Come, rest awhile with Me,” He said
As I was climbing into bed
“I long to fill you with My peace
Abiding hope that will not cease”
I thought about my work undone
Though I had toiled past setting sun
Never a moment had I to spare
For Him, beneath my load of care

“Come rest awhile with me” He pleaded
Could it be He has what I’ve needed
If I should tarry for an hour
Would He sustain Me with His power?
Would He fill My emptiness
With His pure holy tenderness
I thought of all my work undone
And softly whispered, “Lord, I come”

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

He that sows to the flesh
Shall of the flesh reap corruption,
But he that sows to the Spirit
Shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. Gal.6:8

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