Friday, April 30, 2010

What About....Me?

In my heart Lord, I know you want all of me
For You gave Your all on Calvary
So why, as I kneel today at your altar
Do I find myself wavering as I falter
At the thought of leaving it ALL in Your hands
ALL my desires and ALL of my plans….
Surely there’s no better place they could be……
Or am I perhaps thinking…..what about me?

What about the things that I like to do
Do I need to hand them over to You?
Lord, I know there’s no secret place
And nothing escapes Your tender gaze
And it’s only through You and Your holy will
That all of my dreams will be fulfilled
So that I may be the best I can be….
Then why am I asking…..what about me?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I once heard someone say,
“The three deadliest words in any relationship
Are, ‘what about me’…..

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