Monday, April 12, 2010

Dancing all around It

God said “go”
I shook my head
And danced around
His wish instead
I tiptoed, twirled
Painted my nails
Even curled
My ponytail
I cleaned the house
Every room
Was re-created
I embellished
Them with flowers
Stood admiring
It for hours
But as I paused
To take a rest
Again I heard
His soft request
Again I heard
His Voice say ‘go’
I knew that I
Could not say ‘no’

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

We have quite a time of it
To get Victoria to sit long
Enough to get her
Home-work done!!!!
I missed the hanging up-side-down
Off her chair shot,
the twirling around the living-room..etc

Maybe this is what I look like to God
When I am trying to avoid the thing
I know He wants me to do!!????

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