Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fly Away

Come; fly away to the moon with me
We’ll sit on the edge and dangle our feet
Then I think perhaps we would see
While we share a cup of moonlight tea
That life indeed is sweet

….for in the middle of the universe
In a vast abyss
Is a little blue dot, filled with shame and rot
And here ….God is……
As the masses fret and plunder and hurry
As they wish and forget and wonder and worry
Surely if we sat there we’d finally see
Without God, life is mere futility

For if He created this awesome expanse
If He died for our recompense
Then surely if we had any sense
We’d leave all our worry to Him

So come, fly way to the moon with me
Leave all our worries right here
As we sit and view reality
The rest will be made clear

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

"Am I only a God nearby?"declares the Lord,
..."do I not fill heaven and the earth?"
declares the Lord. Jer.23:23-24

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