Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lead Me To The Cross

Across the darkened plains of woe
A Voice rings, “God, forgive
What they do, how can they know?”
Because He died, I live

The hand that touched and healed the weak
Is pierced with cruel nail
Yet love pours from each word He speaks
“Oh, Father, not my will”

The arms that drew the children near
Are spread in agony
And from his eyes flow holy tears
As Jesus dies for me

Here is the perfect Son of God
Beneath man’s heartless blows
As earth receives redemption’s flood
In colors of the rose

And as the scarlet blood-drops fall
The seed of hope is born
Amazing grace for one and all
From limbs so bruised and torn

Lead me to the blood-stained cross
Pour out my sin and pride
Nothing I give is counted loss
As I see him who died

Lead me to the arms of love
Where freely He forgives
And seals my place in Heaven above
Because He died, I live!!!!

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Inspired after seeing
The Easter play written, directed
And performed by
Our youth group!

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