Saturday, May 1, 2010

God Never Will

Son, you’re growing up so fast
Soon you will be a man
Son, there are some things that I
Would like to tell you while I can
This world can be a cruel place
Disappointments can come and they will
People you trust will betray you
But God never will….

Son, remember your Creator
In the days of your youth
He is the perfect example
Of love and honor and truth
Life will pass before you
With offers to tempt and thrill
So soon its pleasures vanish
But God never will….

If friends should walk beside you
Then suddenly disappear
There is One who will guide you
Son, He is always near
There are many things in this world, dear
That promise to please and fulfill
Yet leave us empty and searching
But God never will…..

God will not lead you down a path
Of lies and make-believe
He will never forsake you, son
And he will never deceive
This world is full of choices
And vices to soothe and thrill
While they pierce us through with sorrow
But God never will

Happy 12th Birthday, Matthew
May God bless and keep you
All the days of your life,
Love, Mom

Remember now thy Creator in the days of
thy youth, before the evil days draw nigh
when you shall say, "I have no pleasure in them". Eccles. 12:1

Out of the mouth of a 12 yr. old …..

Do you know what’s the best, mom?
Watching the highlights when you know your team has won!

(After mom rebuked him for accepting money for some food trade at school)
“Mom, boys are not like girls….if you offer us money, WE’LL TAKE IT!!!”

Matt: What’s for dessert?
Mom: Well, we have brownies, but they’re in the freezer.
Matt: Frozen brownies are REALLY GOOD!!!
Mom: How do you know that?

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