Saturday, April 24, 2010


Look, oh look at the lily, the rose
As perfect today as in Eden’s repose
Immorality, shame, greed and lust
Leave their traces in the dust
Yet as man’s wickedness increases in power
They never can alter the form of the flower

Look, oh look at the breath of spring
Painting the earth in ever-green
Though man may strut and march and trod
And smear the handiwork of God
They can never quell the birth
Of the seed beneath the earth

The Hand of grandeur sweeps the world
As His glory in sweet spring is unfurled
He nudges the bud on the naked tree
And clothes the hills in an emerald sea
Over the fields of somber brown
He spreads a green and floral gown

Wickedness spoils and hatred kills
But it cannot hold back the wonder that fills
The earth; from generation to generation
No one can deter the Hand of creation
As He brushes His love on the dormant sod
And proclaims from above, BEHOLD, I AM GOD

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I am so glad sin cannot taint
the beauty of a sunset,
the freshness of spring,
the glory of God!!!!

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