Tuesday, April 6, 2010


There’s not much I’m certain of
These days are troubled seas
Wrought with hate instead of love
With pestilence, disease
But I know whom I have believed
And know He is able
When my new body I’ve received
He’ll seat me at His table

I don’t know what tomorrow holds
Or even my next breath
Its story has not yet been told
Whether life or death
But through it all there is a truth
As certain as can be
Jesus died each soul to save
And pay sins penalty

So midst the cries of fear and doom
I’ll lift this banner high
He is risen from the tomb
And watches from on high
Though fraught with life’s uncertainties
We have a hope unwavering
To every sinner who believes
There waits a home in Heaven

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Yes, one certain thing in life is....
its uncertainties!!
Yesterday I was certain I would
get a head start on some digging
in my perennial gardens!
I did digging alright!...well, helped.
I went from barely getting started with
some weeding,when someone yelled "Mom!!! What
does it mean if there is disgusting water bubbling
out of the bath-tub drain???!!!!!"
We ended up digging up the septic tank
to get it pumped out!
Thanks Rob, for putting your tennis game on hold!

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