Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shine On....

Though the dark gray night
Sprawls across the lawn
And the circle of light
From a fairer dawn
Dissolves as the wave on a storm-tossed sea
Rises in turrets that melt to the deep
And goodness seems lost in the devil’s spawn
As our ship is tossed to and fro….shine on

Has the warm firelight
Faded in the cold air?
Is the flicker of starlight
A beam of despair?
As silence replaces the echo of mirth
Are the tears on our faces the fruits of our worth?
Does the dew of sorrow lie heavy at dawn?
Hope fears not tomorrow, nor the dark….shine on

Are the diamonds we hold
Simply frozen tears
Does the shimmer of gold
Rest in by-gone years?
Where are the blossoms that kissed our feet
As we danced on the bosom of a summer retreat?
They rest with the Giver that cradles the dawn
Night is not forever, God lives so….shine on

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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