Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Have You Known Love?

Have you held it on your finger-tips
Soft as a butter-fly
Or a breath that faintly slips
Into a longing sigh
Has its fire coursed like thunder
Through your veins down to your knees
Have you knelt in awe and wonder
At its power and its peace
Have you known love?

Have you felt a new-born baby
Quiver gently in your arms
As a mighty ocean filled you
With this miracle so warm
Have you borne its searing whip-lash
Slowly, sadly torn apart
While you watched a cruel alien
Invade a tender heart
Have you known love?

Have you worn its pain and pleasure?
Have you trembled neath its touch?
Have tasted its full measure
Wept because it hurt too much
Have you known the sweetest sorrow
Trickling down from up above
As heaven opens up its window
So that we may know True Love
Have you known love?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

God is love.1 John 4:16

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