Monday, April 12, 2010

Mass Ignorance

Years and miles can’t come between
Creator and created
From a mighty Hand unseen
We are not separated
Life nor death, no height or depth
Nor graves of sea or sod
From our first cry to final breath
Can shield us from our God

The kiss of dawn across the sky
As breezes softly whisper
The trembling heart, the waking eye
Will not escape its master
Though man may mock in ignorance
The very hand that holds them
Mercy gives a second chance
And Love softly enfolds them

Another day of grace He gives
The fool curses His name
Denies the One who loves, forgives
A victim of his shame
As he defies his second chance
With every step he’s trod
He boldly flaunts his ignorance
And says, ‘there is no God’

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The fool says in his heart,
‘There is no God’…….

The Lord looks down from heaven
On the sons of men….Ps. 14:1-2

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