Friday, April 23, 2010

Love Song

Ten feet under a pale crescent moon
Lone star in the west
That’s when I heard it; an old love tune
Sung by the very Best
Drifting across the evening sky
Written in royal blue
Heaven’s gentle lullaby
Played its ageless tune

I heard it on the winsome breeze
That swept across the lawn
It whispered in the budding trees
It echoed in the dawn
It sang of faith and mercy
And everlasting grace
As I heard an old, old love song
Breathe against my face

It flowed from the Garden of Eden
Into my silent night
Unchanged since the very beginning
Melody of delight
The song of a Heavenly Father
Gracing the twilight dim
And I know there is no other
Song more awesome than Him

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The other night Victoria and I went for a walk
As the sky turned from daylight to a deep royal blue…
A crescent moon hung above seeming close enough
To almost touch….one lone star graced the fading sunset…
It truly was a beautiful love song…..and my daughter’s chatter
Added the harmony

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