Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Only Jesus

If I was the only Jesus
That some folk would ever see
How would they perceive Him?
What kind of man would He be?
Would they see Him as kind and sharing?
Filled with true compassion
A hand of tender caring
In soft and humble fashion

If they should chance to meet me
As I’m walking down the street
And if they pause to greet me
Would my tone be warm and sweet?
Or would I nod in hurry
With no time to pause a while
Absorbed in present worry
With no pleasant word or smile

If I was the only Jesus
That my neighbors ever met
Would He be a comfort to them?
Someone they can’t forget
If I was the only Jesus
That they will ever see
Would they see His great love shining?
Or would they just see me?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Let your light shine before men
That they may see your good deeds
And praise your Father in Heaven. Matt.5:16

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