Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Vain

If we’ve climbed the corporate ladder
Tasted fruits of its success
If we’ve gleaned the things that matter
To acquire happiness
If we’ve stop to count our blessings
Did it fill our hearts with pride?
As we see our empires sprawling
‘Cross the country far and wide

If we’ve filled our vast storehouses
To the point of over-flowing
Crying ‘eat, drink and be merry
For the vineyard is till growing
Let the others do the labor
Come and dine, the wine is sweet
There is plenty for our neighbors
And the fellows down the street’

If we’ve never walked to Calvary
To bow beneath the cross
To whisper, ‘Jesus, I believe’
And count all else but loss
If we have never tasted
Just a portion of His pain
Then we are not His servants
And this life will be in vain

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

for what is a man profited if
he shall gain the whole world
and lose his own soul? Matt.16:26

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