Monday, April 19, 2010

Never Like This Before

I’ve been held,
But never like this before
When you hold me
There is nothing I need anymore
I’ve been hurt
But now the pain is gone
I’ve been mistaken
Forgotten and alone
Now all of this
Doesn’t matter anymore
I’ve been loved
But never like this before

I’ve been loved
But never without measure
You love me
And not for self or pleasure
You hold me
Without shame or compromise
My soul melts
As I look into your eyes
You fulfill
My deepest hearts desire
As you love me
With a pure and holy fire

I’ve been forgiven
Only to fall again
I’ve taken and given
And I’ve loved in vain
I’ve been betrayed
And the betrayer too
But I have never
Been betrayed by you
God, I don’t need
Anything anymore
For I’ve been loved by You
Like I’ve never been loved before

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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