Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feet Keep Passing By.....

He sat at the side of the street
Holding a rusty can
As he watched the hurrying feet
Never pausing for a dirty old man
He was tired of begging for money
It really didn’t do any good
But without the nickels and pennies
He also would have no food
But the feet keep passing by…….

There’s the child with the runny nose
The child with the hungry eyes
The child without a mother
Adding his voice to the cries
The child without a future
The child without a prayer
The child who has no refuge
No comfort anywhere
But the feet keep passing by…..

There’s a cross that is covered in crimson
There’s a Father’s loving cry
There is mercy pouring from heaven
But the feet keep passing by
There’s redemption for the sinner
Hope for all who believe
There’s eternity in His kingdom
For all who His love receive
But the feet keep passing by……

There’s an urgent call for action
The hour is drawing nigh
When there will be no more distraction
As His glory rends the sky
He’ll rescue the suffering children
At last He will receive
Each one who cried out to Him
“Forgive me, I believe”
But the feet keep passing by…….

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Have you read Memphis Express
Posted on ‘The Good Servant’ blog?
(link is on my blog list)

The ending helped inspire this poem!

Tonight when I was running and
It was so quiet that the only sound
I heard was my feet and the birds singing,
It struck me…..we are all SO BUSY ‘RUNNING”
For what?

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