Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beyond Compare

Someday it will all be over
We won’t even need to look back
Because we no longer remember
The things in this life that we lacked
Someday in a fairer city
Where there is never a sigh
No need for compassion or pity
In the someday sweet by and by

Then finally all of the glory
Will be put where it belongs
In the beginning of a brand new story
Written by angel throngs
No more confusion or weeping
No more doubting or sighs
No list of questions we’re keeping
Someday to ask our ‘why’s’

It will all be forgotten
For in the first glimpse of the face
Of the glorious Son begotten
Each answer will fall into place
And this gasp which we call a lifetime
Will disappear into thin air
As we live in eternity timeless
And joy beyond compare

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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