Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ordinary Life

It’s up in the morning at five a.m.
Doing the same, same old thing again
Washing the dishes, scrubbing the floor
Waving good-bye as they head out the door
Serving in the role as husband or wife
But this is no ordinary life

It’s back to the office on the seventeenth floor
Wondering if life holds anything more
Nine to five then its hit the road
Chores are waiting when we get home
Sometimes we get weary of this toil and strife
But this is no ordinary life

If we are a member of God’s family
Then life is a grand opportunity
No matter our mission how great or how small
The Source of our ambition is the best of all
Son or daughter, husband or wife
This is DEFINITELY no ordinary life

Everything we do in the name of the Lord
He will review when we get our reward
As others ignore us and hurry by
As we are tempted to sit down and cry
God soon will deliver us from this toil and strife
In Him this is no ordinary life

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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