Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Remind Me, Lord

Remind me that the Hand which formed the lily
And unleashes the thunder-storm
Is the Hand that is unceasingly with me
Keeping me safe in your palm
While I can’t see the road stretched before me
Or what lies around the next bend
Remind me that You keep your arms around me
For You are an eternal Friend

Remind me whenever my heart would tremble
As I peer into the unknown
That you behold the tiniest sparrow
And I am never alone
The demons threaten but they also tremble
In the presence of You
For in the face of your mighty power
There is nothing they can do

Remind me Lord, if I am forgetting
Your Hand which cradles the world
And this is a day simply for letting
You show your glory unfurled
If in the thick of life’s invisible battles
I falter or stumble and fall
Remind me Lord, if I’m clad in your armor
We will triumph in them all

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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