Monday, May 17, 2010

There's Something About Love

Love does not play judge and jury
Love does not condemn and frown
Or resort to violent fury
Kicking someone when he’s down
Loves stoops down into the gutter
Lifts him from his saddest state
Love will only softly utter
Tender comforts to his fate

Love will never point a finger
Love is not a game of chess
Its compassion gently lingers
In the hour of loneliness
While the voices of superiors
Shake their vain self-righteous heads
Love makes no one feel inferior
But wraps you in its arms instead

Love is never selfish serving
Love does not depend on choice
It decides not whose deserving
Altering its tone of voice
It does not envy, boast or covet
It forgives without reserve
Yes, I know there’s something different
About this awesome thing called love

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Sometimes I think I forget what
I am really saying when I say
"I love you".

'Love is patient, love is kind....
It does not seek her own..... 1 Cor. 13

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