Thursday, May 6, 2010

Only For a Moment

It’s only for a moment, dear
These trials that enfold
Measured ‘gainst eternity
Tis one mere drop we hold
One tiny breath of vapor
That quickly fades away
One small and fragile flicker
Just a moment in that Day

It’s only for a moment, love
Temptation, toil and trouble
Eternity smiles from above
Beyond this grief and struggle
This small hour of loneliness
Is really just a sigh
Before He reaches to us
From the sweeter by and by

It’s only for a moment, friend
The Day is soon appearing
When all these futile woes will end
And burdens we are bearing
Take heart, dear fellow-pilgrim
As darkness closes in
It’s really just a moment
Until Daylight breaks again

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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