Monday, May 3, 2010

An Original

You melt like amber liquid
O’er this misty slumbering void
And stir with trembling heart-beat
As the darkness is destroyed
While fields that lie like charcoal stones
Beneath the silver cloud
Shimmer ‘neath your dewy tones
And don your glistening shroud

Your gentle breath dissolves the gloom
With soft golden caresses
And hope fills nature’s living-room
Beneath your glowing tresses
While many countless dawns have passed
Into times great abyss
Never has there ever been
Another such as this

I stand amazed as I behold
Your love and great compassion
Before my wondering eyes unfold
In perfect, heavenly fashion
A brand new day, a brand new dawn
Original creation
As these unwritten hours yawn
In breathless expectation

Lord, you never duplicate
The morning's glorious splendor
Help me then to not repeat
My failures, but surrender
Beneath the mighty Hand that paints
With matchless shade and tinting
Upon a canvas that awaits
My humble finger-printing

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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