Saturday, May 15, 2010

Prayer Time

Sometimes when I’m making a sandwich
Or quickly brushing their hair
Or folding all of their laundry
I breathe a little prayer
God keep Your hand on my children
God teach me what to do
To help them desire your kingdom
And help them to truly see you

Sometimes when I’m reading a story
Or tucking them into their beds
When we talk about heaven’s glory
Or of the blood Jesus shed
I breathe a wordless entreaty
God keep them in Your way
Let the circle be unbroken
When we gather in Heaven some day

Sometimes as they climb on the school-bus
Turning to wave and smile
They don’t know I’m waving and praying
That you will watch o’er every mile
Keeping your hand on their shoulders
Guiding each foot-step they take
Instilling in them a desire
To love, for Jesus sake

All Rights reserved
Janet Martin

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