Sunday, July 18, 2010

When I Pray For You.....

When I pray for you I pray the sun shines
Softly on your face
I pray the wind is always kind
And for a special grace
To fill you where life leaves you sad
If disappointments come
I pray when you are far away
That you will find your way back home

I pray the sky above is blue
With just a little gray
So you may come to know the truth
That God is never far away
And that He holds the paintbrush
For the deep shades and the light
I pray that you will walk with Him
In morning, noon or night

When I pray I feel you near
You’re just a breath away
And in that soft and silent tear
God sees it when I pray
I know that He can see you
Wherever you may roam
He is always near you
And will help you find your way back home

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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