Friday, July 9, 2010

My Passion

May loving You be my passion today
Stir in my heart to desire Your way
Guard my thoughts and my footsteps too
And fix my wandering gaze on You

Keep my heart and tongue from guile
Strengthen me in every mile
As I see Your love for me
Oh, let this my passion be

In each prayer Lord, that I pray
Will you teach me what to say?
The heart of man is vile indeed
But You, oh God supply each need

Then, if I should suffer loss
Keep my eyes fixed on the Cross
As Your love flows full and free
So let this my passion be

Purify this vessel Lord
Fill it with Your precious word
Be the Source of love in me
Oh, let this my passion be

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Victoria; “our lesson at
Sonshine Club today
Was about loving ourselves as
much as we love our neighbor!!!"

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