Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Only Guarantee....

In this little life we’re living
We have but one guarantee
Eternal life in Heaven
With He who sets men free
If we have bowed before Him
And whispered “I believe”
This too will be our fortune
Our only guarantee

In this little life we’re living
How great should be our sorrow
If carelessly we turn away
And we should die tomorrow
No hope, so comfort, no salvation
No heaven in eternity
Oh, how wretched our condition
Without His guarantee

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Don’t you hate it?
The little ‘warranty’…the
‘lifetime’ guarantees on the products you buy
So you can get your money back
Should they fail to deliver…
…and then there’s those little ‘clauses’
Where the warranty cannot apply!!!!
And how about ‘insurance’ huh?!!!!

I’m so, so thankful God’s love and His Word

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