Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I sought it in the painful mercy
Of an old sentimental tune
I thought I would surely find it
By the pale glow of the moon
In meadows where I used to run
I searched the other day
In the blue of your eyes, the gold of the sun
In clouds of pewter gray

I gazed into a newborn face
And caught the hope of it
In the sunset’s coral blaze
I glimpsed a tiny bit
I sought it in the silent night
But in the silky air
Though I would search with all my might
I knew it wasn’t there

I sought within dear, loving arms
Familiar hands I shook
I searched in memories sweet and warm
In old and faded books
In every place I wandered
I felt a strange attraction
But realized when pondered
They could bring no satisfaction

As I knelt at close of day
Discouraged and alone
It seemed I heard a calm Voice say
I am the only One
Who can fulfill the aching void
That sighs so deep within
For pure contentment is destroyed
Only when marred by sin

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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