Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer's Crown

How rippling the wheat field drawing the eye
Amber oceans ‘neath azure sky
How pure is the gold that streams from high
Summer’s crown must be July

The silent, bashful bud of June
Bursts forth in her most glorious tune
While chestnut trees and willow sigh
Summer’s crown must be July

Cool, dark, dense, the wooded hill
Warm, intense the midnight still
Choir of cricket and firefly
Summer’s crown must be July

We have waited; not in vain
For the warm and pleasant reign
Of turquoise scepter; emerald eye
Summer’s crown must be July

Studded with the purple gem
Of larkspur and delphinium
Sapphire splendor from the sky
God crowns the summer with July

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The lovely thing about
needing to pick up four kids in
four entirely different directions.....
an opportunity to enjoy
some stunning July scenery!

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