Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Love You, Lord

I love You Lord,
You hear my voice
And listen to my cry
Though I am king
Of foolish choice
Your mercies never die
When I call
Upon your name
You deliver me
And wash away
The guilt and blame
Oh, how can it be?
You call me precious
In Your sight
Though I am vile and base
You draw me from
An endless night
By Your amazing grace
I love You Lord
O gracious King
Keeper of my days
I offer you
My thanksgiving
In humble songs of praise
So many blessings
Thrill me so
They mesmerize, enthrall
But as I count them
This I know
Lord, You surpass them all

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Psalms 116

Last night as I went to the garden
To pick ‘supper’ my heart
Was filled with thankfulness and praise
For His Hand of goodness, His little miracles
Surrounding me every day
All I need to do is….open my eyes to see them!!!

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