Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm Glad I Know.....

On summer eve I gladly love to wander
Across the field where tender breezes blow
I hear the trees in hallowed softness whisper
I see the western sky in glory glow

I’m glad I know the Hand of this creation
I’m glad I know that He has saved my soul
I’m glad I know the fate of every nation
Rests in His Hand for he is in control

As daylight melts in coral-tinted glazing
And clouds like blue hills rest in heavens palm
I stand in awe to think His love amazing
Can paint the sky and fill me with His calm

I’m glad to know the Hand of the creator
I’m glad to know He never leaves my side
I’m glad to know this holy Mediator
Will never fail; He always will abide

As daylight fades across the fields of twilight
To rise anew in someone else’s dawn
As shadows deepen in the purple midnight
There is a truth I ever dwell upon

I’m glad I know the Hand of this Designer
I’m glad I know He’ll never let me go
I’m glad I know that there is nothing finer
Than the love that His Hand doth bestow

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Tonight I had a long trek down the highway…
It was very peaceful between all the traffic:)

…and now suddenly out of the blue it IS POURING!!!!

and always I come back to the song How Great Thou Art

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