Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Have You Tried It?

You look at me with pity as you analyze my life
How boring and mundane; simply a mother and housewife
Well, I say you’re entitled to your personal point of view
But before you seal your verdict I would like to ask of you….
Have you tried it?

Have you reassured the little girl with her infectious grin?
‘Yes, the gaps between your teeth will slowly all fill in’
Have hugged the little lad who did a chore for you
Or held them close when they were sad or just a little blue
Have you?

Have you been in the moment when a brilliant butterfly
Lands softly right in front of you out of the clear blue sky
And have you stopped a minute in the middle of a day
To listen to the flowers and just what it is they say
Have you?

Have you heard the heart-beat of the dawn before the sun was up?
And seen the kiss of morning in a golden butter-cup
If you look past the dishes and the laundry on a pile
Can you begin to understand the reason why I smile…
..and ask, have you tried it?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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