Tuesday, July 27, 2010

They Did Not Know....

They did not know
As they gazed at the baby
Lying in a manger
This would be the One
Who sets man free….
…this tiny little Stranger

They did not know
As they shouted in triumph
Praising His wonderful Name
As He rode through Jerusalem
That soon He would die
In agony and shame

They did not know
As they wept and stared
At Him, hanging on the cross
They did not know the other side
Of this….they saw only loss

They did not know
The victory
Of Life, wrought by His death
They only saw
His misery
In each agonizing breath

We do not know
The other side
Of our own tears and sorrow
We only see
The tears we’ve cried
We cannot see tomorrow

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

You make known to me
The path of life.
In your presence
There is fullness of joy.
At Your right hand
Are pleasures forevermore. Ps.16:11 ESV

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