Friday, July 23, 2010

In Waning Daylight......

In waning daylight
In sacred hush
I did not see
His silent brush
My thoughts on
Duties of the hour
Blind to the
Beauties of His power

Until I sensed
A coral haze….
And I beheld
With awestruck gaze
In twilight’s palm
A glorious crown
As the light
Of day dies down

Rampant beauty
Wordless wonder
As the Hand
Of wind and thunder
Paints across
The western sky
A master-piece
To draw the eye

The eye of doubter
And believer
Blessed alike
By Heaven’s Giver
Perfect love
For you and I
Brushed by God
Across the sky

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The western sky-line is completely obliterated
From our view unless we walk out to the road!

I know…..this is the third Friday night sunset I’m posting!!!
…but they are grand!

Two weeks ago we had those pink cotton-candy clouds
(posted on my ‘anotherporch’ blog)….the sky that ended my
‘no writing for awhile’ decision…
Last week I took my camera with me on an evening trek..
Tonight we were in the back yard ‘chilling’
when I said to Matthew and Victoria
“Do you have a feeling we’re missing a good sunset?”….
The air had a pink sense before we could see it!!
It was ‘GOOD’ alright!!!

When I consider the heavens
the work of your fingers......
What is man that You are mindful of him? Ps.8:3-4

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