Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Everlasting Friend

Saved in arms of everlasting grace
There is a light shining on my face
When the road is dark and I cannot see
Still His pure love shines down on me

Rivers of mercy satisfy my loss
Sustained by hope I found at the cross
As the power of the blood cascades endlessly
From the Son of God at Calvary

There is no need He cannot provide
No valley to deep with Him at my side
No fear too dark, no mountain too high
No battle so loud that He can’t hear my cry

No beginning or end to this wonderful love
Eternal Friend reigns supreme from above
I cry to Him now on my bended knee
Help me take up my cross and follow Thee

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Give thanks to Him who does
great wonders...
His love endures forever....Ps. 136:4

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