Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's the Little Things...

It’s the little things in life
That brush the ordinary away
I thank You, God
For all my little things in life today
The sparkle in a baby’s smile
Or in bright eyes of blue
The folded laundry neatly piled
Without me asking you

I thank-you for the well intended
Geranium bouquet
They really do look very splendid
And they’ll grow back someday
The gardens wealth, my children’s health
Girls home safe from the mall
A little time to mow the lawn
I’m thankful for it all

The lemon in my water
The scent of fresh mown hay
The bright yellow sun-flower
The clouds, a soft blue-gray
The coral-tinted sunset
To steal my breath away
I could never call this
An ordinary day

The quiet moments late at night
When everyone’s asleep
The warm sheen of the full-moon light
The back-drop, dark and deep
The little tear within my eye
The little memory
Of time’s soft whispers passing by
Are little gifts to me

Someone asked me just tonight
Another ordinary day?
I’ll admit I didn’t quite
Know just what to say
As I recalled the little things
That brush ordinary away
How God in His great Goodness brings

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The incredible gift of ordinary!!!!
Glory comes streaming from the table of daily life!

~Macrina Wiederkehr
(A Tree Full of Angels) 1988

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