Monday, December 20, 2010

This Jesus......

Who is this one called Jesus
Who is this name we hear?
Is He simply Christmas
The baby-child so dear
Is He that wee tradition
Within a manger-bed
A nice little addition
To all the green and red

Who is this one called Jesus
Which angels did proclaim
Is He the one who frees us
From hopelessness and shame?
Is He the one who brings to life
We who are dead in sin?
Or is He simply a wee Baby
Born in Bethlehem?

Who is this One called Jesus
Oh, what a Child is this?
That God above would give us
His holy righteousness
Who is this One called Jesus
Oh do You know the One
Who loved us so; He gave us
His one and only Son?

Oh do You know this Jesus
Not simply a wee babe
But on his perfect shoulders
Our every sin is laid
Oh, do you know this Jesus
With thorns upon his head
Or is He simply ‘Christmas’
In a wee manger bed?

Janet Martin~

Away in a manger
No crib for a bed
The little Lord Jesus
Lay down His sweet head……..

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robert said...

Phew! Finally made it! Don't know if it's simply a Christmas Day log-jam (Merry Christmas! by the way), or if the computer doesn't like your site for some reason. But things kept hanging up. That extra lo-o-ng sidebar may be the reason, I don't know for sure.

The "Front Porch" made me smile. Not the best weather for that in Ontario right now! (Or, as my wife and I sometimes say here in Saskatchewan, "It's not coffee on the deck weather yet!"

Anyway... "May the old hymns never die." Agreed. And it was one of them, "One Day," that caught my eye on your blog today. (It's author, Wilbur Chapman, died 92 years ago today.)

I've been working for many years to keep our traditional hymnody before the Christian community--with seminars, books, a weekly newspaper column, and a blog called Wordwise Hymns. I encourage you to drop by the latter, as more than 75,000 folks have, from over 165 countries.