Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pondering Life.....

Do you ever stand here like I did today?
On the hill looking back to a sweet yesterday…..
Where shade was eternal and childhood too
We had no worries; the sky was blue
As we carelessly dashed through the fields of grain
Leaving life’s troubles to mothers and men
We did not recognize the momentary bliss
Of freedom and youth; or how short it is

We cannot go back to a second spring
Life’s seasons come only once to each man
And if God allows it, we’ll make it to winter
Then smile at those fanciful lovers and dreamers
Caught in the plights of passion and love
Knowing misfortune will come soon enough
Knowing life’s joy, despair and sorrow
Worrying less of this thing called tomorrow

Experience brings with it regrets and rewards
Age brings the wisdom that we are not lords
But mere men; creatures formed of dust
Prone to envy, greed and lust
Unless we walk by a higher God
We are but vessels made of sod
Where ignorance is a cruel fate
Should we discover God…..too late

Janet Martin~

To everything there is a Time and a season….Eccles. 3:1

This afternoon I was at a funeral service for a dear, elderly neighbor…

Tonight I was at a Christmas concert at school
Put on by many excited, bright-eyed children…..
My daughter sang in a Harmonic Choir and my own childhood
Returned vividly, for a moment….

The opposite ends of the spectrum struck me profoundly…

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