Monday, December 20, 2010

Such a Night......

It was such a night tonight
Crisp, serene and still
The moonlight shed her cloak of white
On every slope and hill
Each barren limb, was clearly sketched
Upon the pristine snow
The world, a charcoal drawing etched
Within the moonlight’s glow

As I stood in this silent hour
It seemed that I could hear
The message of an angel choir
Upon a midnight clear
Peace and hope and love shone down
In grand and silent glory
As I recalled the angel’s song
And Love’s amazing story

It was such a night tonight
Within its tranquil glow
It seemed that I could glimpse a sight
Of one night long ago
As angels to the shepherds came
With glad tidings unfurled
A child is born in Bethlehem
A Savior for the world

Janet Martin~

It came upon the midnight clear
The glorious song of old.....

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