Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finding CHRISTmas

Some say it’s in the presents
Beneath the Christmas tree
Some like the decorations
So beautiful to see
Some say they find the spirit
As the snowflakes tumble down
And some claim they can hear it
When old Santa comes to town

Some say that Christmas lies within
The heart if it believes…..
Some find it in the ever-green
Or fancy, festive wreaths
Some prefer the carols we sing
And some poinsettias red
But we know Christmas is a King
Laid in a manger-bed

Yes, we know Christ is CHRISTmas
There is no other way
If you do not know Jesus
Then it’s ‘happy holiday’
For it cannot be CHRISTmas
If we take the ‘Christ’ away
And only in His precious name
Will we find CHRISTmas Day

His name is Jesus, Christ the Lord
The bright and morning Star
Wonderful, and Counselor
Both now and evermore
Mighty God and Prince of Peace
Everlasting King
This is the Christ of CHRISTmas
Oh, let the heavens ring

…and praise His name, the King of kings
Oh, never let it cease
The blood which our salvation brings
Lies in this Prince of Peace
Oh, praise his name for this is He
Who takes our sin away
And thus to all who will believe

Janet Martin~

We trust in the living God,
Who is the Savior of all men,
Specially those who believe. 1 Tim.4:10

(Names of Jesus….. ISA. 9:6)

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