Friday, December 3, 2010


No matter how oft we stumble
No matter how oft we fall
No matter how oft we grumble
Dear God forgives it all
No matter how oft we ask Him
He hears us, if we call

No matter how heavy our burden
No matter how big or small
None escapes His compassion
Our Lord God sees them all
There is none too insignificant
To Him, if we should call

No matter how hidden the sorrow
No matter how secret the tear
There is no prayer we can murmur
That our dear God does not hear
Not matter what comes tomorrow
We know that He is near

His love is vast, immeasurable
And so His mercy too
A tear-drop is the ocean
In His love for me and you
What comfort to know that nothing
Will escape His tender view

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Read Psalms 139

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