Monday, December 13, 2010


Sometimes in the busyness of life
It’s easy to get lost in details
We forget the most important things
The wonder of a sudden smile
The warmth that one kind word will bring
The hand that holds a door
The laughter of a little child
And oh, there’s so much more
But life keeps us engrossed in things
And wee cares of the day
We miss the twilight as it sings
In heavenly majesty
We miss the ‘merry’ in Christmas
And sometimes we miss the ‘Christ’
Simply a casual greeting
Because it sounds quite ‘nice’
And then, before we know it
Another Christmas time has passed
Another year ticks off the clock
No different than the last
Always seven steps behind
With just too much to do
I wonder, in life’s busyness
And when it all is through
What will be our legacy?
As we lay down to rest
For no one is too busy
When at last they meet with death….

….sometimes in the busyness of life
We might forget to pray
Or think at all of One named Christ
Before the Judgment Day


Let’s keep Christ in CHRISTmas
And all year through!!!

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