Monday, November 29, 2010

It Is Time....

It is time, it is time,
For My will to be done
It is time to let go
Of My precious Son
For a little while
Time to send Him down to man
Time to fulfill salvation’s plan
Oh, it’s going to hurt Me so
To let My only dear Son go
For a little while
Down to a cold and sin-cursed earth,
Where from the time of His humble birth
Hate will search to kill Him then
From the beginning He will be despised by men
For a little while
He will be tempted, scorned and reviled
How can I do this to My precious child?
Release Him to die by the sinner’s sword
The King of kings and Lord of lords
He will be mocked, rejected and beaten
At His weakest point the devil will tempt Him
He will dine with sinners, the ones men call filth
He will be hated by the people of wealth
Oh, how can I ever let Him go?
This is going to hurt Me so
But if He remains here, there is no hope in love
The blood of goats cannot be enough
To redeem the wretched human race
They cannot offer amazing grace
It will take a Perfect Lamb
There’s only one….the Great I AM
Yes, it is time, it is time…………
Time to show the people
Many signs and wonders and great miracles
The lame will walk, the blind will see
The dumb will talk, and some will believe
He’ll raise the dead to live again
He will heal sickness and pain
Cast out demons, comfort, cheer
Hold the little children near
And He will tell them of things to come
For the believer, a heavenly Kingdom
For the unrepentant He will tell
Of outer darkness, weeping, hell
He’ll try to make them understand
The reason He came down to man
Down only to be lifted up
Drinking from a bitter cup
He will be the Offering
Becoming sin, who knew no sin
Holy, perfect righteousness
Must bear man-kinds vile wretchedness
Oh, it’s going to hurt Me so
To let My only dear Son go
But I as I look upon creation
Groaning in their desperation
I know there is no other way
I must let Him go today
Long before the world began
I had formed redemption’s plan
How I love each child I’ve made
Soon My love will be displayed
In bloody streams at Calvary
While hatred screams, love sets them free
It is time, it is time
I’ve spoken to Mary, My words are fulfilled
Spoken long ago by the prophets of old
He will be born in Bethlehem
In lowly form, none will desire Him
A Man of sorrows acquainted with grief
Will be the Hope of those who believe
And yet… His suffering and after He has died
He will bring life; I will be satisfied
Death of One, life for all
Hope for everyone who calls
On He who poured His own life blood
My Jesus, My Son, the Son of God……..
The angels are singing, it is good, I know
I open My Hand and I let Him go………..
For a little while…….

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

...and the will of the Lord will prosper in His hand.
After the suffering of His soul He will see the light of life
and be satisfied. Isa.53:10-11

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