Thursday, November 25, 2010


It’s easy to lose focus
So much to do, it seems
Endless duties and demands
The taunting of our dreams
And sometimes in the evening
When we’re tired as can be
Do you hear Him whispering,
What have you done for Me?

Oh, I’ll admit it isn’t grand
But Lord, I guess you know
It’s not so much the things we do
As whom we do it for
Oh, God help us remember
That no matter what we do
No task will be too worthless
If we’re doing it for You

It seems these days Your worship
Comes with many modern names
Well, we can worship everywhere
You’ll hear it just the same
It does not require a suit
Or a specific art
Lord, You look for the attitude
Deep within our heart

Yes, it’s easy to lose focus
If we lose the Focal Point
If we never kneel and pray
If Your Words do not appoint
Tis easy then to be dismayed
And lose our purpose too
Teach us how to live each day
In gratitude to You

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

One of my children asked me recently
"How can you stand being at home and
Doing the same old thing EVERY DAY????"

I smiled a little, and then I told her if I was only doing it
For her or me I would go crazy, but believe it or not
I can turn floor scrubbing into worship time,
Cleaning time into prayer time..
that makes everything I do purposeful…..
Because we do it for a much higher calling.
I asked her if she does the same at school?

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