Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Heaven......

We won’t hear words like ‘that’s okay’
Or, ‘tomorrow will be a better day’
No ‘over-drawn’ or ‘over-due’ in Heaven
We won’t hear ‘it’ll be alright’
Why, we won’t even hear ‘good-night’
We’re gonna speak a brand new tongue….. in Heaven

‘I’m sorry’ and ‘don’t worry’ will be obsolete
It’ll be glory, glory when at last we meet
Dancing on a golden street, in Heaven
We won’t ask for Tylenol or any medicine at all
No band-aids, pills or hospital
We’re gonna have brand new bodies…..in Heaven

No foot in my mouth disease
No ‘will you forgive me, please’
At last we’ll be perfect righteousness…..in Heaven
No diets, fads or fashion rules
Hey kids, there won’t be any schools
Cause there aint gonna be no fools…..in Heaven

Are ya’ thinkin’ it’ll be grand
When we get to that sweet land?
Are ya’ thinkin’ you wanna be there too…..in Heaven?
There’s just one way to that fair place
You gotta believe in Amazing Grace
It’s the only way we’ll see God’s face…..in Heaven

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

....the former things are passed away. Rev 21:4

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