Monday, November 29, 2010


Wrapped with pretty bows and paper
Laid with love beneath a tree
Delightful shrieks from little children
Lovely gifts for us to see
It’s so nice to give our presents
And it’s nice to get them too
Gifts; the Christmas way of saying
‘You are special, I love you’

Wrapped in love within a baby
A manger welcomed Him to earth
Angel hosts adorn the heavens
As they herald His holy birth
Heaven’s best; the King of glory
Gift of hope, promise come true
Heaven’s tender way of saying,
‘You are special, I love you’

Wrapped in flesh, battered and bleeding
Hung with love upon a tree
Gift of grace; a Savior pleading
‘Father, forgive; they know not me’
The greatest gift that He could offer
Wrapped in victory; ‘it is done’
‘You are special and I love you’
Gift of love wrapped in God’s Son

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I got this BEAUTIFUL poinsettia from a friend today…..
It made me think of another beautiful gift.

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