Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He Will Do the Rest

It’s easy to become discouraged
As we view the road ahead
It takes a lot of courage
To face those hills we dread
It seems that our own might
Is soon so very small
And if we rely upon it
We are surely doomed to fall

But there’s one thing that we can do
As we face every test
We can pray each other through
And God will do the rest
If we place our own wee hand
Into His gracious palm
He lifts us up and helps us stand
Oh my God, lead on

So let’s pray for each other
And not neglect this power
Encouraging each other
Within this darkened hour
For there is hope for sinners
Who trust love’s very best
And if we call upon His name
He will do the rest

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The Lord is my Shepherd;
I shall not want......Ps.23:1

Try putting the emphasis on
a different word in the verse
each time you repeat it....
It is astounding how profound one line can become!!!

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