Monday, November 8, 2010

In His Service.....

Some days I don’t feel like facing
The toil of another day
But the minutes and hours are racing
And soon will have melted away
I linger in the warmth of the covers
For another minute or two
As I begin to think over
All the work I need to do
And I start to feel quite weary
Before the day has begun
The sky, still dark and dreary
In a sunless dawn
Then Someone reminds me gently
Of His tender love and care
There is no load so heavy
That He has not promised to share
He reminds me that He never leaves me
And He will provide for today
Wherever I go He sees me
And walks with me all the way
There is no task too futile
No matter how small it may seem
If we remember, we’re His child
And doing it all for Him

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

This was a little poem in the Daily Bread last week…..

God often uses lowly things
His purpose to fulfill
Because it takes a humble heart
To carry out His will. D De Haan

Come to me all you who labor
And are heavy-laden
And I will give you rest. Matt. 11:28

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