Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yes, Lord

You cradle in your gracious hand
Each soft and trembling dawn
The wind and waves heed Your command
We see Your touch upon
Each fragile bloom that clothes the field
Or lofty mountain peak
Nature in its glory yields……
In awe, we see You speak

You could part the great Red sea
And softened Pharoah’s heart
Until Your people were set free
You held those walls apart
You fed them with Your manna
In the bare wilderness
And yet I cringe and stammer
When all you want is ‘yes’

You sealed the mouth’s of lions
You stood within the flame
As in a fiery furnace
Faithful three honored Your name
You slew the mighty giant
Saved Jonah in a fish
Oh, why am I defiant?
When all You want is ‘yes’

Why, in doubt’s dark hour
Or in my stubbornness
Do I resist Your power?
When all You want is ‘yes’
The One who holds the stars in place
Took on a robe of flesh
And died, to save us by His grace
Now all You want is ‘yes’

…yes Lord, send me, yes I’ll go
Yes Lord, I will do it
If You send me then I know
That You will guide me through it…….
I"m a sinner, weak, defiled
My wisdom, foolishness
God, help me trust you as a child
Enough to whisper ‘yes’

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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