Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sometimes it seems in the most sudden way
Or unexpected place
A grand realization floods over me
And tears stream down my face
I see all the pitiful things that I do
And wonder how it can be
That every day my whole life through
Jesus still loves me

It seems too often I give him my worst
But He returns His best
I am surely of man most cursed
But He has sealed my Rest
When I am lonely, discouraged or blue
He whispers so tenderly
Child, my love is faithful and true…..
…….Ah yes, my Jesus loves me

No height nor depth, nor width nor breadth
Can ever separate
His precious children from His love
And as I contemplate
His goodness to the sons of men
I cannot comprehend…..
My teardrops start to flow again
Oh Jesus, what a Friend

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I was reading a bedtime story to my daughter
Tonight……..and suddenly I paused…..too long.
She looked up at me and noticed tears streaming
Down my face…..
“You’re crying over an Uncle Arthur Bedtime Story?????”
She asked incredulously……
I told her I’m not really crying over the story…
I’m crying over the love!!!!!
It was a story about a little girl
who gave away her most precious dolly
to someone very needy!
I told her that I got to thinking…..
God loved us so much that He gave His very, very
Precious Son………..

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